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    • DTK KITE JUICE 2020

      From 1,679.00

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3007 Description: This product is climate neutral  Every kiter knows the feeling, you arrive at the beach stoked for a session, and the wind hasnÕt delivered what…

    • DTK CAPA 2020

      From 1,649.00

        Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3010 This product is climate neutral   Description: The all-new CAPA is the definition of a freeride foil kite, the perfect balance of user-friendliness and performance. The new…

    • DTK KITE REBEL 2021

      From 1,309.00

            Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44210-3000   Description: This product is climate neutral The best freeride kite on the market is back, and it’s ready to redefine the boundaries of hangtime…

    • DTK KITE NEO SLS 2021

      From 1,459.00

            Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44210-3014   Description: This product is climate neutral It’s time to take it to the next level; the all-new Neo SLS joins the revolution in the…

    • DTK KITE MONO 2020

      From 939.00

            Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3008 Description: This product is climate neutral    New for this year is the use of lightweight Dacron material and redesigned construction details for a maximum…

    • DTK KITE DICE 2021

      From 1,189.00

            Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44210-3002   Description: This product is climate neutral The new Dice has been designed by Ralf Grösel with the influence of Aaron Hadlow and Lasse Walker.…

    • WARP 2020

      From 1,199.00

            Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 14200-1214   Description: The WARP 9.0LW won six of the seven eliminations in the 2015 racing season, making it the most successful slalom sail in PWA…

    • DTK VEGAS Hadlow Edition

      From 1,239.00 From 867.30

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44900-3006   Description: The Vegas is the most desired C shaped performance kite on the market, the choice of wakestylers, freestylers, big air junkies and champions!…

    • DTK REBEL 2019

      From 1,169.00 From 818.30

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44900-3000   Description: The Rebel is the all-time classic freeride kite, legendary performance, big air superiority and a stunning hang time. Last year the Rebel had a…

    • DTK HYBRID SLS 2021


            Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44210-3452    



          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44900-3509   Description: The Daytona is lightweight, rigid and an absolute eye catcher. More importantly, it’s a top performer and highly accessible. Thanks to the long 105…

    • DTK INDY 2019


        Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44900-3454   Description: A high performance race foil board and the top of the range, designed for speed. The new Duotone Indy is a high performance foil board…

    • DTK VEGAS 2020

      From 1,299.00

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3001   Description: The Vegas has long been established as the highest performing and most responsive C kite on the market. ItÕs the go-to kite for professionals…

    • DTK DICE 2020

      From 1,149.00

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3002   Description: The Dice is an incredibly versatile all-rounder; itÕs the perfect tool for the rider who doesnÕt like to define their kiteboarding. If you prefer…

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