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The Jaime is a board that needs no introduction, it has plenty of fans all over the world and has inspired the style and progression of thousands, yet it is again completely redesigned to again set the benchmark. It is the go-to board at your local spot and all your travels all over the world. The Double Diffusor Bottom provides plenty of grip for blasting upwind, and the board is fast and dynamic through the water. Perfect for hooked and unhooked tricks, the board rides exceptionally well with straps thanks to its unique shape and flex. Wide tips offer a massive amount of pop, and the medium flex ensures comfort in all conditions. If you want to boost massive airs, throw down some freestyle and land mega loops at Mach10, this is the board for you!

Key Features:
new Double Diffusor Bottom:The new Double Diffusor Bottom offers a precise, connected feedback with outstanding grip and maximum comfort.;Sporty Carbon Beam:The Carbon Beam construction gives a board more dynamic flex for better pop with the same durability, but with 10% reduced weight.;Premium Construction:The Premium Construction gives a board a faster and even more progressive flex for better pop and reduced weight.;Medium Flex:Medium Flex combines competition performance with every day comfort. Precise adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding condition.;Channels:Channels ensure grip, control and smooth landings.;Grab Rails:Grab Rails for easier board off manoeuvers and comfortable general handling.

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130/3950-65KGS-BEND FS 4.5 CARBON 30
133/4060-75KGS-BEND FS 4.5 CARBON 30
136/4160-75KGS-BEND FS 4.5 CARBON 30
139/4280-95KGS-BEND FS 4.5 CARBON 30
142/43>95KGS-BEND FS 4.5 CARBON 30


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