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The Nugget CSC is based on the Whip outline with some fundamental differences in aspect ratio and bottom shapes, optimized for light wind and small wave performance. The forward V blends into a deep double V bottom shape, fusing multiple contours that offer the perfect combination of early planing and glide with maximum agility for small wave performance. Increased rail rocker makes the Nugget CSC extremely manoeuvrable when put on the rail. The deep double concave adds grip and also channels water through the flat planing surfaces directly into the quad fins, offering superior lift for maximum light wind and upwind performance. This unique and modern design creates a board that is very stable at speed despite the width. Built using the tough Bamboo Tec Construction, the Nugget CSC also has a subtle grab rail to aid with strapless tricks. If you want to have fun every time your feet touch the sand, no matter what the wind and waves are doing, the Nugget CSC will be your magic carpet ride.

Key Features:
Early planing:A big surface and a straight outline is the guarantee for early planing.;Great upwind ability:The straigh outline and the special shape makes the board fly upwind even in the lightest winds.;Incredible speed generation in small waves:Due to new bottom shape and exeleration abilites, this board is fun even in the smallest waves.;Vacuum Bamboo Tec Construction:A classic construction combining the best elements of flex and feel in a durable construction.;Cork shock absorber:The cork shock absorber is applied as a damper in the heel area of the surfboard to avoid heel dents.;Concave deck with grab rail:To optimize volume distribution to aid control and a subtle grab rail for strapless tricks.


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