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Damage during transport:

Small items (up to 20kg) usually delivered by courier (CTT Expresso):

When the item is delivered, please check the condition of the package. If you experience any abnormality (damaged, wet, torn …), you can refuse the order (in this case, without opening it).

If you prefer, you can accept the order, and you should ask for the delivery slip to the courier and write down what you see wrong with the packagie and in addition also write “reservations on delivery, subject to conference”.

When you open the package, damaged or not, check for any anomaly caused by the transport, you have 24 hours from the date of delivery to make a claim for damages caused by the transport.

After this period of time, VIANALOCALS will not be responsible for any physical damage or theft of the item (s) that may have occurred in the transportation.

Large items (> 20Kg), usually delivered by freight forwarders:

Require the unpacking of the article (s).

Check the item (s) for any visible damage. If so, DO NOT accept them.

After subscribing to the transport guide, VIANALOCALS will not be liable for any physical damage to the item (s).

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