DTW-Sail Alfa 2024

299,00 719,00  (VAT inc.) Ⓘ VAT information

The brand new Alfa features an ultra-modern 2.5-batten design (3.0 m² and above) that offers excellent performance for a wide range of individuals. We worked closely with the most well-known surfing schools and associations, whose knowledge and experience were significant influences on the concept.

DTW-Sail Alfa 2024 299,00 719,00  (VAT inc.) Ⓘ VAT information
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The ALFA is an easy planing sail that will accompany any beginner or dedicated improver for a very long time. It’s super easy to get out of the water and very easy to control on all courses as well as during manoeuvres. In sub planing conditions it really gives the rider something to hold on to, offering stability that will come in handy on choppy waters. Once planing, the sail stays very well balanced. The wind pressure can be gradually transformed into speed, so that the rider is always in full control. With the use of Dacron and vinyl, the ALFA is virtually indestructible, making it ideal for use in windsurfing schools. Thanks to the elastic nature of the Dacron material and its unique shape, the ALFA loads up very gently and develops a full profile. As a result, it generates powerful propulsion and has excellent planing characteristics. Moreover, the draft position remains stable even when far into the planing range.


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