DTK Foil Daytona DOS D/LAB 110 SS22



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Ref.: 44210-3500


The Daytona DOS D/LAB has been designed to be the fastest hydrofoil around the racecourse and is prepared for nothing less than the Olympic Games. Extensive simulations have been conducted by the America’s Cup experienced engineers from iXent to guarantee unmatched efficiency upwind and downwind. Pretty much all parameters of our first Daytona have been improved. The Daytona DOS D/LAB is equipped with a longer and thinner mast made of high modulus prepreg carbon fiber designed for maximum speed and aggressive leaning angles. A higher aspect ratio front wing combined with a new more powerful profile ensures maximum efficiency. On the stabiliser we chose a profile with lower drag coefficient to favor a higher top speed. Last but not least a smaller and shorter fuselage reduces drag and gains speed and comfort. Additionally we have also changed to a tuttle head on the mast rather than a plate system to be able to fit the Daytona to most latest race boards. All those changes have allowed us to improve literally all of the characteristics of the original Daytona. As a bonus the thinner overall foil is the reason that the DOS D/LAB is 500 grams lighter than its predecessor. With our eyes firmly set on the coming 2024 Olympics the DOS D/LAB is of course IKA registered for the 2020/2024 cycle.
Are you ready for the Olympics?

Key Features:
Improved top end speed:BUCKLE UP! WE ARE TALKING UP TO 40 KNOTS TOP SPEED!;Unmachted up- and downwind performance:This foil has been tuned for the race course so get ready for VMG numbers like you’ve never experienced BEFORE.;Higher Upwind leaning angles:Thanks to the longer 110cm mast and horizontal wing tips on the front wing you can lean confidently into your foil.;Premium high modulus prepreg carbon construction:we choose the best material to make the stiffest possible mast and glider: high modulus prepreg carbon fibre.;500 grams lighter than previous Daytona:The complete daytona dos d-lab weighs only 2950gr.;Speed optimized front and back wing:The profiles and sizes of both wings have been optimised for maximum speed and minimum drag.
Bruttogewicht= 5.3
Width= 61 Height= 13 Length= 120



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