DTK-Surfboard Whip D/LAB 2024

1,399,00  (VAT inc.) Ⓘ VAT information

Our compact shape board, now in the all-new ground-breaking D/LAB construction, featuring the reflex memory foam shock absorber. The Whip D/LAB is perfect for shredding small to medium waves and strapless freestyle, offering a huge amount of performance in a very compact package.


Fins included with the board!

DTK-Surfboard Whip D/LAB 2024 1,399,00  (VAT inc.) Ⓘ VAT information


The Whip D/LAB is available now in even four sizes in our new ultimate D/LAB construction. The Whip D/LAB is a small to medium wave and strapless freestyle machine. Generous nose rocker, high-performance rails and a “wide bump-squash” tail design make the Whip D/LAB quick and agile when transitioning rail to rail, very reactive and able to operate in a tight transition in small waves for radical turns. The compact shape makes the Whip D/LAB the ideal board for strapless freestyle pros and seasoned surfers. The Whip D/LAB is an extremely well-balanced board with incredible handling, but still provides explosive snap off the top with the ability to turn in a very tight radius on steep sections. Take your Whip to the next level with the most technologically advanced construction we offer; go Whip D/LAB this year, you won’t regret it!

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