DTK Twintips Ultraspike SLS SS21

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Ref.: 44210-3432


Ralf Grösel came up with the concept for this board last year and it was a massive hit with our customers. The unique design throws old ideas out the window for a radically different shape that has been proven to be far superior to anything else out there. For 2021 the board has been given the race car upgrade to Textreme Innegra carbon reducing the weight and increasing the responsiveness of the board. If you are looking for the best light wind performance board on the market to get you out there on days when the wind doesn’t show up then this is it. It’s so much more than a light wind twin tip though unlike the “door” designs this board feels lively underfoot can excel at all the latest freeride tricks and improves the way you ride no matter how light the wind is. When you need the absolute ultimate in light wind performance the Ultraspike SLS is the board to take to the beach the feeling underfoot is unrivalled there is nothing else quite like it.

Key Features:
Textreme Innegra:Textreme Innegra is the reason for light weight and great comfort.;Very early planing:Due to a flat rocker the board starts planing very early.;Great upwind performance:The great upwind performance is made possible with a straight outline.;Best light wind performance:A huge surface area and an ultra light construction are the guarantee for the very best light wind performance.;Mono Concave:A fast and easy to ride Bottom Concept. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers the right grip. It starts to plane early allows smaller fins and helps to go upwind with ease.;Medium Flex:The Medium Flex offers performance with everyday comfort. Precisely adjusted materials offer control power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding situation.



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