DTW-Sail E_Pace SLS 2023

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THE LIGHTEST NO-CAM FREERACE FILM SAIL ON THE MARKET YET WITH REFLEXIVE (INSTEAD OF SPONGY) FEELING AND PRECISE STEERING FEEDBACK. OUR UNMATCHED 5 YEAR WARRANTY ENSURES THAT ALL SLS SAILS OFFER THE BEST WEIGHT VS. DURABILITY RATIO ON THE MARKET! ALL SLS PRODUCTS FOLLOW OUR MOTTO: LIGHT DONE RIGHT! The E_PACE SLS was born from a very ambitious design briefing and therefore required 2 years of intensive development. Based on the incredibly versatile original E_PACE the goal for the SLS version was to achieve a racier feeling combined with improved acceleration and power compared to other no-cam freerace sails. Following the SLS philosophy we also wanted to create the lightest no-cam freerace film sail on the market but without sacrificing the durability. The outcome is simply spectacular as the E_PACE SLS is the fastest and lightest no-cam freerace sail we have every made. A more forward oriented draft position gives the E_PACE SLS a racy feeling very similar to the S_PACE or WARP. To prevent this forward motion from creating a catapult tendency the leech is slightly more open which also improves the high-end control (= v-max). The intelligent use of CARBON XPLY in the high load clew and top area results in the most effective conversion of wind energy into forward motion. However, the slightly more (re)flexing regular XPLY in the body avoids the power from becoming uncontrollable. A common characteristic from many other no-cam freerace sails is to significantly compromise low-end performance in search of top end speed. To avoid this we increased the pre-shaping of the sail which improves the acceleration and power despite the opened-up leech. Another milestone of the intensive development is a weight reduction of a whopping 500g making the E_Pace SLS the lightest no-cam freerace film sail on the market. We achieved this through our STRIPPED TO THE MAX reduction in optic, our unique ONE-PIECE SLEEVE and single layer high-tech reinforcement patches replacing the usual 5-layer patches. However, the thickness of the panels has not been reduced resulting in the E_ PACE SLS having the best low weight vs. strength ratio on the market. We back this up with our 5 YEAR WARRANTY extension – something no other brand can offer! Attention: 1. The increased pre-shaping requires a higher outhaul tension than the original E_PACE (approx. 2 cm more eyelet tension = 8 cm more rope tension). This additional pre-shaping also means that the lower battens of E_ PACE SLS will not rotate as easy as the original E_ PACE in non-planing/drifting conditions. Or in other words the E_ PACE SLS requires a more active jibing technique over the backhand. 2. Because the E_ PACE SLS is a more uncompromising performance sail than the original E_ PACE it has a smaller downhaul trim range.

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