DTW-Sail Super_Star HD

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DUE TO THE LIGHT DONE RIGHT CONSTRUCTION THE LEGENDARY, EXTREMELY CRISP AND RESPONSIVE WAVE SAIL WITH THE MOST DIRECT POWER ON/OFF SWITCH PRESENTS ITSELF AFTER EVEN LIGHTER, BETTER AND WITH AN INCREDIBLY WIDE RANGE OF USE. IT WORKS WITH EITHER SINGLE- OR MULTI-FIN WAVE BOARDS AND EVEN IN FREEWAVE JUMPING CONDITIONS. With 4 battens and a full XPly construction, the new SUPER_STAR HD is ready for ambitious wave riders. However, its forward draft position guarantees a very strong performance spectrum and extremely wide range of use from classic wave riding to freewave bump & jump. The SUPER_STAR HD easily manages the balancing act from a perfect day with classic down the line conditions to sessions in gusty, sometimes underpowered onshore conditions. Especially the smaller sizes (4.2 and smaller) have been extensively optimized in favour of maximum control during jumping and riding down the line. The excellent performance is mainly determined by the more forward and slightly higher draft position. This gives the SUPER_STAR HD its individualised character, whose ride and handling characteristics immediately feel familiar. You don’t need any time to get used to it in order to get going right away. The sail feels consistently light and balanced in your hands but reacts very directly and spontaneously – also regarding power on/off. Riders who prefer tri fin boards, who like to do radical cutbacks in minimal space and who also like to steer the board with their back foot will love the new SUPER_STAR HD! It can be laid down playfully in the bottom turn and the propulsion set to “off”, thrills with hardly noticeable batten rotation and generates enough propulsion to keep the speed high even in onshore winds to attack the next wave. Since the sail generates more lift in the upper area, the board gets lifted improving the low-end power. All this works even better and easier now that the new SUPER_STAR HD has been put on a diet and slimming makeover with the LIGHT DONE RIGHT CONSTRUCTION. This is achieved through an optimized panel layout, reinforcement patches featuring a high-strength high-modulus “Made in Germany” fibre and a new mast sleeve design, which, depending on the sail size, results in a 200 to 300 g lower weight! Unlike other brands, the film thickness of the centre panel has not been reduced, so the well-known durability of the SUPER_STAR HD does not suffer in any way! On the contrary: The entire sail is now made from XPly, which minimizes possible damage after a wash and at the same time gives the sail a slightly more elastic behaviour. Performance, dynamics and ride feel benefit the modified mast sleeve design, which no longer has a seam at the leading edge (ONE PIECE SLEEVE). This allows for millimetre-precise tuning and a refined shape, resulting in a more sensitive, harmonious reflex. Together with a slightly reduced sail foil tension the sail generates a softer power delivery. This makes it more stable to sail and very balanced in the hands. The SUPER_STAR HD scores with the convincing combination of performance, handling and control, on/off and the necessary power to have maximum fun even in moderate conditions. An important note: DUOTONE is the only sail brand to offer two different wave sails: the SUPER_HERO with a centered-low draft position and the SUPER_STAR HD with a forward-up draft position. Both sails have their own character, ride differently and convey their own feeling. Therefore, you should not mix sails with different draft positions in your quiver, otherwise you will have to get used to them every time you change sails. By the way, this also applies to mixing DUOTONE sails with sails of other brands. Which sails match together or not can be found here.

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