DTW-WSB Blast 2024

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The Blast is the perfect partner for freeride bliss – doing everything you ask of it and more! Whether you are just getting comfortable in the footstraps, taking your first planing jibes or want to be the fastest freerace guy at your spot – the adaptability and tunability of the blast makes it truly your ultimate freeride/freerace board.

DTW-WSB Blast 2024 1,849,00  (VAT inc.) Ⓘ VAT information
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EAGLE or BLAST – which one is the right freeride board for you?

Where you come from >< Where it will take you


  • Where you come from: you had your first Windsurfing experience and are capable of staying upwind. There is no other board which will help you to experience the gliding/planing sensation in such a short time than the EAGLE.
  • Where it will take you: besides getting planing, jibing is the second strength of the EAGLE. But it’s not just made for learning to (power)jibe but will even accompany you up to freerace blasting and laydown jibing


  • Where you come from: you are comfortable of sailing in the foot straps then the BLAST is your performance machine.
  • Where it will take you: the BLAST will instantly make you a faster sailor. Since it’s also very easy to jibe it will be your partner from your first power jibes up to pro level laydown race jibes. Partnered with a high performance fin and a freerace sail you might even become the fastest guy at your spot with the BLAST, whilst still maintaining the comfort of a freeride board.

When designing the BLAST, the key concept was to make a board with maximum performance, yet minimal effort that maintains control over the widest possible wind range. But how could we achieve a board that works in such a wide range of conditions, with such a broad range of user levels?

Firstly, the BLAST follows the same VOLUME YET CONTROL CONCEPT like the EAGLE. This means you can easily choose a 10 liter bigger board compared to other brands without losing any control in overpowered conditions. By gaining some more liters, the board feels more stable underfoot in non-planing conditions, and also gets planing sooner than boards with less liters without compromising the high-end performance and control.

Additionally, due to the thin rails, the BLAST can be gybed aggressively in experienced hands but also feels easy and smooth for intermediate riders due to the wide tail. This allows you a steady progression through all levels of the jibing process, without ever “out-growing” the board.

And finally, the racier/boxier rails and a further outboard strap position allow the rider to push harder to let the board fly over the fin for increased top speed. The tail cutouts further reduce the drag when going full speed to give you the edge over your friends.

Yet same as with our full-on racing FALCON_FIN boards maximum control and predictable behaviour over a maximum wind-range are also the key assets of the BLAST.

With this wide range of features, the BLAST has been expertly crafted to provide endless hours of performance freeride><freerace fun and accompany you on your windsurfing journey to become a faster sailor.

The BLAST is available in two constructions: our PREMIUM SLS TECHNOLOGY or the standard EPOXY SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY.


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