DTW-WSB Jag SLS 2024

2,499,00  (VAT inc.) Ⓘ VAT information

Slalom race performance but less technical and physical to sail

DTW-WSB Jag SLS 2024 2,499,00  (VAT inc.) Ⓘ VAT information
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Thoroughbred slalom boards impress with extreme top speeds, but they constantly require your full attention and strength to reach that maximum performance. The JAG SLS combines maximum performance with usability and comfort to create the ultimate freerace machine! It is easily as fast as dedicated competition shapes but at the same time it is incredibly comfortable to ride.

Combining speed and comfort is almost the complete opposite characteristics in a board, yet years of fine tuning by Daniel Aeberli (Product Manager Boards) has led to a board range that truly embodies this concept.

We reached this dream by using a narrower outline and tail combined with a flatter rocker line to create a free feeling. Those attributes also allow it to reach maximum velocity without having to be driven as hard as a dedicated racing board and be more rewarding to gybe. Additionally, the inner foot strap insert options allow the board to be ridden less technically, allowing you to start with extreme comfort and move further outboard and increase the speed at a rate that suits your level.

The JAG SLS is essentially a slalom board you can live with! It is designed to blast over long distances in total control and will excel with any style of sail. It blends the user-friendliness of the BLAST with the top-notch race performance of the FALCON_FIN to give you control, power and performance.

We offer two aftermarket fins which are especially developed for the JAG SLS changing the characteristics of the board:

  • Partnered with the DUOTONE RACE fin the JAG SLS is more comfortable to ride and more forgiving to jibe
  • The RACE D/LAB fin is developed by Finish Fins and Jordy Vonk which he used at all PWA and IFCA fin races. With this fin the JAG SLS comes extremely close in performance to the FALCON_FIN boards if you have a (free)race sailing level

Available in our 2nd most exclusive PREMIUM SLS TECHNOLOGY offering max. performance at a still affordable price


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