DTW-WSB Stingray SLS 2024

2,499,00 2,599,00  (VAT inc.) Ⓘ VAT information

Do you want to double or triple your time on the water and experience the silent and effortless flight, even in the same wind conditions as wing foilers? Look no further than the Stingray board range, catering to every aspect of windsurf foiling from foil entry up to hardcore foil freestyle.

DTW-WSB Stingray SLS 2024 2,499,00 2,599,00  (VAT inc.) Ⓘ VAT information
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The lineup consists of 3 distinct design concepts:


Perfect for those entering the exciting world of Windsurf Foiling, the 136 offers generous dimensions allowing usage in lighter winds than you need to waterstart making it comfortable to uphaul and to get you up and flying in the lightest breeze. The backward-oriented volume allows you to move your feet close to the foil before the board is even in motion. However, as the STINGRAY 136 has a similar aspect ratio (length to width ratio) than the other sizes it’s by no means a dull board to ride. It will therefore grow with you as your skill and performance level progress. Beveled rails at the nose aid smooth out landings and recovery from touchdowns. Updated for 2024, it now includes CONVEX TAIL CUT-OUTS, minimizing wetted surface for smoother take-offs and quicker flight transitions.

STINGRAY SLS 126 and 116

The focus on innovation was centered here with both boards having a complete redesign this year. With lengths of 206 and 196 cm respectively, these New School Freemove foil boards are very compact. This reduces the nose weight for an immediate take-off into flight mode. The reduced swing weight also makes these boards more aggressive to carve, jump and rotate on the foil. These 2 sizes are also equipped with our brand new CONVEX TAIL CUT-OUTS.


The smallest STINGRAY is designed for progressive foilers with focus on manoeuvres rather than straight line performance only. The 103 allows riders to link carves, 360s, and even air moves within a short time and distance. For quick change of directions with great connection to the foil – built to carve and pop! It is simply a 100% Freestyle Foiling optimized design.

All sizes now feature the Track Box System exclusively, eliminating the additional Tuttle Box and reducing weight by approximately 600 grams. This adjustment results in a more balanced board, facilitating quicker take-offs. Additionally, the new FAST MOUNT SYSTEM allows for easy foil mounting from the tail without dismantling screws and nuts (except for size 136). Be the first on the water with the STINGRAY series!


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