FAS-iSUP Ray Air Pocket

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FAS-iSUP Ray Air Pocket 524.00  367.00  (VAT inc.) Ⓘ VAT information
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The Ray Air Pocket Edition is the ultra travel-friendly touring iSUP built in a tough but light construction that allows it to be packed into a backpack half the size of a regular iSUP.

With a thinner deck pad and tough but flexible construction, the Ray Air Pocket Edition can be rolled and packed into a much narrower bag, making it extremely easy to store and transport. Based on our highly versatile Ray Air 11’6’’, the efficient shape is packed with volume – offering safe, stable paddling and superb glide – which makes it the perfect iSUP for everyone paddling some distance. With its minimal weight and dimensions nothing comes close the convenient handling of our Pocket Edition iSUPs!

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