Sail Super_Hero SS22
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Sail Super_Hero SS22

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Ref.: 14220-1200


The SUPER_HERO has undergone the most comprehensive update since its introduction in 2012. Handling neutrality and weight have improved noticeably once again and we can truly claim that it is the most versatile wave sail with the widest possible wind range that we have ever built. That’s why we recommend it unreservedly for all conditions and all rider weights!
But one thing does not change: The new SUPER_HERO remains THE ultimate World Cup Wave sail which always works optimally in all wave conditions around the globe. Due to the completely neutral and balanced draft position numerous constructional changes material optimisations as well as the LIGHT DONE RIGHT CONSTRUCTION it’s unrivalled neutral feeling in the hands as well as stability and control in every situation makes it is the new favourite sail of PWA Wave triple world champion Victor Fernandez. Why? It rides very smoothly is as responsive as a 3-batten sail in drift & go conditions and has real bite at the decisive moment. It is direct when pumping planes early develops real drive on the wave is stable and offers this special neutrality for superior control thanks to its centred draft position.
In addition to optimizing performance reducing the sail weight was a primary goal. With a modified panel layout reinforcement patches with high-strength high-modulus fibres “Made in Germany” and a new mast sleeve construction designer Kai Hopf achieves a weight reduction of a clearly noticeable 200 to 300 g! Unlike other brands the thickness of the fabric and film used has not been reduced and thus the well-known durability of the SUPER_HERO is fully maintained! That’s exactly why we call it LIGHT DONE RIGHT CONSTRUCTION.
Performance dynamics and riding feel the benefit from the changed luff length and a new mast sleeve construction that comes without a seam at the leading edge (ONE PIECE SLEEVE) which allows for millimetre-precise tuning and a refined shape resulting in a sensitive more harmonious reflex.
The profile depth has been slightly reduced creating slightly less volume which simplifies the handling makes it even easier to control in overpowered conditions and offers maximum control during challenging jumps and in massive swell. Due to the more elastic ONE PIECE SLEEVE the new profile works extremely efficiently and therefore has not lost propulsion in underpowered conditions.
Every single size of the SUPER_HERO is perfectly tuned and matured down to the last detail. The batten rotation remains buttery smooth even with minimal clew tension and the top works very actively swallows hard gusts and supports acceleration. Therefore you can confidently choose a smaller size than many other wave sails.

An important note:
DUOTONE is the only sail brand to offer two different wave sails: the SUPER_HERO with a centered-low draft position and the SUPER_STAR with a forward-up draft position. Both sails have their own character ride differently and convey their own feeling. Therefore you should not mix sails with different draft positions in your quiver otherwise you will have to get used to them every time you change sails. By the way this also applies to mixing DUOTONE sails with sails of other brands. Which sails match together or not can be found here.

Key Features:
LIGHT DONE RIGHT CONSTRUCTION:Weight reduction of a clearly noticeable 200 to 300 g without reducing the thickness of the main panel thus maintaining the well-known durability and longevity!;VTS TAIL outhaul specs:Each sail carries individually defined visual indications for the correct outhaul extension (requires VTS TAIL boom).;ONE PIECE SLEEVE:No more seam at the leading edge >> 80 g lower weight and no hard spot through overlapping panels;XPLY PLUS:Laminate (100/150 micron) with the lowest stretch and best UV- and puncture resistance on the market;VTS DOWNHAUL 2.0:Optional QUICK RIGGING PATCH allows “to the spot” downhaul trimming without even looking to the top (patent pending);SUPER-LIGHT BUMPER:The lightest protector on the market with integrated downhaul trim indicator slot;Epoxy Battens:Unbreakable Epoxy Battens;iROCKET 2.0:Factory calibrated individual batten tensions using a torque wrench;AVAILABLE IN HD:Also available in a monofilm-free HD-construction
Bruttogewicht= 5.04
Width= 20 Height= 20 Length= 173



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