Sup Composite Board Strike Bxf

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The Strike is our out-and-out speed machine, designed with only one purpose in mind: putting you on the top of the podium. The Strike is based on the boards that helped Arthur Arutkin become 2018 APP World Champion. The sleek, efficient design is quite simply the fastest board you can paddle on flat water.

This is achieved by combining generous nose volume & a narrow race outline, with a unique bottom shape Ð double concave up front blending to deep mono concave Ð which delivers smooth efficient gliding, tracking and stability. Subtle volume distribution and the recessed deck keeps the rider low, while the wider tail profile further boosts stability and ensures performance in chop and messy water conditions in experienced hands.

Key Features:
Strike Features:- A narrow board with the stability of a wider board

– Remains user friendly even when conditions deteriorate

– Feels extremely efficient with very low resistance when paddling

– Forward raked nose increases the effective waterline length and results in improved paddling efficiency

– Increased volume in the nose and tail area reduce pitching and keep the board flat when sprinting, and ensures nose rides high for speed and control

– Tuck in the tail area boosts steering and manoeuvrability

– Recessed deck keeps the riders weight low and improves stability

– Reduced recess at the tail allows more stability for the rider in pivot turns

– High side walls stop water collecting whilst paddling

– Forward and rearward leash options

– Three carrying handle options for all eventualities and preferences

* see Strike Carbon for details/pictures

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