Sup Composite Board Stubby

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Ref.: 13900-1100


The new generation of our parallel rail design combines stability and ease of use with speed, flow and radical hacks. The Stubby will give you the confidence to approach the wave in a totally different way. Short in length, the Stubby has a less curved rail line for maximum hold on the wave and through the turns. The super wide nose gives extra stability and easy wave catching, allowing you to ride with less volume and a narrower centre. A surfy rocker line and the winger swallowtail add looseness to stay right in the pocket with heaps of control and flow. Our high performance compact surf concept comes in four sizes ranging from 7’10” to 8’10”. You’ll be blown away by the stability, speed and reactions, especially when the waves are less than perfect.

Key Features:
-Straighter, more parallel outline for a cleaner waterline and reduced dragShort and wide ›Stubby-Nose‹, for maximum stability, reduced swing weight, fast change of direction and easy recovery

-Winger swallow tail for ultimate turning response, grip and controlPulled down thin performance rails for maximum carving

-Hard release edges in the tail for direct acceleration and a light feelSoft rails in the nose for smooth surfingLightly domed deck for maximum stability, blending seamlessly into the thin rails

-Single concave entry, transitioning into a single / double concave mid section into a V / Double concave through to the tail providing drive and super fast reactions off the tail

-Quad / Thruster fin setup option with 5 multi boxes

-Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option

-New Vector Net technology

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