• SKATE TE


            Brand: FANATIC Ref.: 13200-1008   Description: Full Power with limitless potential; Gollito Estredos style and board requirements have shaped the past, present and future of modern freestyle. The Skate…

    • JAG LTD


            Brand: FANATIC Ref.: 13200-1003   Description: The JAG is your No.1 choice when you want slalom board performance, but in a more accessible package. It’s fast enough to win…

    • Skate TE

      2,449.00 1,714.30

            Brand: FANATIC Ref.: 13900-1008   Description: The Skate is the board of 8 _ Freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo. His speed, power and style are built into the foundations…

    • Jag LTD

      1,999.00 1,399.30

            Brand: FANATIC Ref.: 13900-1003   Description: A new edition for 2019, the Jag is a slalom board set free from the racecourse! Offering slalom board performance without the concessions…

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