• DTK REBEL 2020

      From 1,229.00 From 921.00

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3000   Description: The Rebel has been part of DuotoneÕs history, and it is very much part of our future. The five-strut kite is the ultimate freeride…

    • DTK VEGAS 2020

      From 1,299.00

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3001   Description: The Vegas has long been established as the highest performing and most responsive C kite on the market. ItÕs the go-to kite for professionals…

    • DTK DICE 2020

      From 1,149.00 From 861.75

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3002   Description: The Dice is an incredibly versatile all-rounder; itÕs the perfect tool for the rider who doesnÕt like to define their kiteboarding. If you prefer…

    • DTK EVO 2020

      From 1,219.00

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3003   Description: The Evo has been in the Duotone line up for many years now, and in the constant search for improvement, it has become the…

    • DTK NEO 2020

      From 999.00

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3004   Description: The Neo is the choice of our highly decorated wave riding team, Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes, Sebastian Ribeiro and James Carew – all choose…


      From 1,299.00

          Brand: DUOTONE Ref.: 44200-3006   Youtube Vídeo:  

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